About Me

My name is Louise and I am an expert at designing my own life.

I am all about new beginnings and fun adventures! I start again and again, everything is fresh and exciting and new. I live in Brighton with my beautiful boyfriend, Chris and beautiful friend, Siobhan. I love to travel and meet people. I love to constantly expand my horizons.

I am a beautiful psychedelic mess. I dress however I want. I wear big beautiful hats with feathers. I wear bells around my ankles. I go from staying in teepees to five star hotels in one swift movement. I climb trees and get covered in mud and scrapes and scratches and swim in the big blue ocean. I drink fantastic cocktails and sing from rooftops. I appreciate everything in my crazy sexy life!

My website, kaohinani.com gets thousands of hits every day as I travel about finding fun new things to see and do! I make beautiful, loving friends every day and I’m constantly amazed at how incredible my life is!

My purpose in life is to pursue happiness and teach others that we are all in control of our own lives.


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